• Cover:Which Side Is Best
    Originally to be issued as 2 singles, this EP features a split cover, labels, and sides in their musical influences. Side A features “Which Side Is Best” a ‘Los Lobos Kiko-era’ latin groover and “I”m Gonna Win Someday” a Texas blues rocker in the finest Austin tradition. Side B features 2 New Orleans-style rhythm and [...]
  • Cover:Little Black Heart
    LITTLE BLACK HEART – Our 2016 release of all brand new songs on the Catty Town Records label- the first songs Ruby has been able to write since her 2008 accident that left her with a TBI affecting the language side of her brain. She worked hard to recuperate from that injury, and we think [...]
  • Cover:Rockabilly Playground
    The 2013 release children’s roots and rockabilly record by Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers with all mature instrumentation (no kazoos or funny voices) and lyrics written for kids: songs about naptime, homework, super best friends and more! Old songs re-purposed for the entire family 😉 The CD charted on the FAR charts at #15 and [...]
  • Cover:Live From Austin Texas
    Recorded live in our hometown of Austin Texas at the world famous Continental Club and in everyone’s favorite back yard, Roadhouse Rags South Austin. Expertly recorded by Brendon Bigelow and Clay Connell, mixed by Zac Bogart and produced by Jorge Harada, this is a tour de-force of Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers right after our [...]
  • Cover:Miles From Home
    MILES FROM HOME – Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers sophomore outing, produced by Conrad Uno, is our followup to North Of Bakersfield and explores americana twang, rollicking rockabilly, and bluegrass, and has some terrific ballads that just had to be recorded, including the single “Round and Round”. The CD “mines country and rock’s past glories with [...]
    • 102:53Since You Went Away
    • 202:31Little Things
    • 303:52Childish Memories
    • 402:04Settin' The Woods On Fire (Hank Williams)
    • 503:28Don't Need A Man
    • 605:28Comes A Time
    • 705:18Round And Round
    • 802:35Gunslinger (Return Of Nobody)
    • 904:11Drunk Talk
    • 1003:53Cold Pines And Red Dirt
    • 1103:48Standing In The Shadows
    • 1204:16Shameful Breaker
    • 1305:13Cry All Over Me
  • Cover:North Of Bakersfield
    NORTH OF BAKERSFIELD – The one that started it all! Produced by Conrad Uno and recorded at Egg Studios, this CD features the original recipe Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers with Pete Smith, Liz Herrin, Lewis Warren, and guest Grant “Big Smokey” Johnson on pedal steel. Filled with the classics of Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers’ [...]
    • 103:09Who Is She?
    • 204:45Just One Day
    • 303:06So Lonely
    • 403:22Something Bad
    • 504:15Now I Want You (Out Of My Head)
    • 604:03After The Flood
    • 703:58So Long
    • 802:57I Remember You
    • 903:364500 Saturdays
    • 1004:30I Will Always Return
    • 1104:10Make It Last (Harris)
    • 1204:25Walkin' Lie
  • Cover:Five For The Road
    “Honeyfied Honky Tonk- a little rockabilly, a whole lotta twang. Sweet and raucus all at once. We’ll have you cryin’ in yer beer or dancin a two step, maybe at the same time”. First Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers EP, released in Seattle WA in 2003. Featuring Ruby Dee, Jorge Harada, Pete Smith, Tim Rummerfield, [...]
    • 103:53So Long
    • 204:38Just One Day
    • 303:52Now I Want You (Out Of My Head)
    • 404:29Tell Me Why
    • 504:32Walkin' Lie
  • Cover:Rockabilly Daze
    DRAGSTRIP 77 sophomore album release, ROCKABILLY DAZE (RRCD 107) on Rollin’ Rock Records, featuring Andy Lopez on upright bass and lead vocals, Jorge Harada on guitars, and David Van Antwerp on drums. Produced by Rockin’ Ronny Weiser and DRAGSTRIP 77. Best left to the experts, here’s Rockin’ Ronny’s take on the album at his column [...]
    • 102:51Rockabilly Daze
    • 202:33Lady Luck
    • 302:41No Harsh Feelings
    • 403:26Motoramic Panic
    • 502:24Trying To Get To You (McCoy/Singleton)
    • 603:55Purty Kitten
    • 703:26El Vampiro
    • 803:44Cryin' Over You (Intveld)
    • 902:45One Bad Stud (Leiber/Stoller)
    • 1003:41Lonely Teardrops
    • 1103:17Twilite Zone Rock
    • 1204:21Switchblade Pompadour (Sissom/Uppling)
    • 1302:35I Don't Have A Problem
    • 1404:09Only The Good Die Young
  • Cover:Sin City Hotrods
    The one that started it all. “Sin City Hotrods” was the first release by DRAGSTRIP 77 and includes Andy Lopez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jorge Harada on lead guitar, Roger Casanova on upright bass, and Jon Carroll and Lucky Noreen on drums. Recorded in 1999 in Las Vegas Nevada “Home of the Wildest [...]
    • 1Daisy Dukes
    • 2Haunted
    • 3Marylou
    • 4Dark Highway
    • 5Memphis
    • 6Sin City Hotrods
    • 7Catchain
    • 8Relentless
    • 9Bad News Blues
    • 10My Name Is Nobody
    • 11Lonely Hotel Room