Cover:Rockabilly Daze

DRAGSTRIP 77 sophomore album release, ROCKABILLY DAZE (RRCD 107) on Rollin’ Rock Records, featuring Andy Lopez on upright bass and lead vocals, Jorge Harada on guitars, and David Van Antwerp on drums. Produced by Rockin’ Ronny Weiser and DRAGSTRIP 77. Best left to the experts, here’s Rockin’ Ronny’s take on the album at his column at the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame site:

“Vocalist Andy Lopez, who in the past played rhythm guitar, is now on standup bass, Jorge still plays lead guitar, and David Van Antwerp is on drums. Andy has been playing stand-up bass for only a few months, but his performance has become outstanding, the notes are right on, while he’s spanking that puppy hard and consistenly, never missing a bone-cracklin’ slapper! What impressed me much during these recordings is the tightness of the drums/bass combo and its relentless rockin’ Big Beat, which kept me shakin’ in my seat all thru these recordings! Add to this Jorge’s blistering guitar solos and you get some savage Las Vegas Rock’n’Roll for sure!

I should add that Lopez’ vocals have become more aggressive and intense since we recorded the first CD. I was pleasantly surprised at the explosive energy level this band has achieved!! For those of you who like to label music categories: this one is both more “hard” and also more “traditional” than the first DRAGSTRIP 77 CD. More “hard” in the sense of more aggressive, more intense, more savage, not in the sense of “hard rock”. More “traditional” in the sense of being closer to 1950s Rockabilly (as opposed to “neo-billy” or “psychobilly”) than the first one was.

A very exciting record by Las Vegas’ premier Rockabilly band, I can’t wait for it to come out!!”

  • 102:51Rockabilly Daze
  • 202:33Lady Luck
  • 302:41No Harsh Feelings
  • 403:26Motoramic Panic
  • 502:24Trying To Get To You (McCoy/Singleton)
  • 603:55Purty Kitten
  • 703:26El Vampiro
  • 803:44Cryin' Over You (Intveld)
  • 902:45One Bad Stud (Leiber/Stoller)
  • 1003:41Lonely Teardrops
  • 1103:17Twilite Zone Rock
  • 1204:21Switchblade Pompadour (Sissom/Uppling)
  • 1302:35I Don't Have A Problem
  • 1404:09Only The Good Die Young