Have guitar, will travel!

I’m available for recording sessions, sit-in gigs, on-the-spot emergency substitution, tours, or any other situation where you need a reliable, dependable player that will know your material, or well known classic country and rockabilly standards. I can read numbers charts, learn your book, and I’m able to “jump in and hang” in emergency on-the-fly situations.

I’ve played live sets and/or recorded with Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers, Screaming Rebel Angels, DRAGSTRIP 77, Patricia Vonne, Rosie Flores, El Vez, The Lustre Kings, Jolie and The Jackalopes, Rocket J and The 88s, Rover Boys Trio, The Spitfires, Ugly Americans, The Ultramatics, Mack Stevens, Alvis Wayne, Teri Joyce, Robert Banta, Paul Minor, Dave Insley, Amanda Cevallos, Rockin’ Ronny Weiser, Rip Carson, Conrad Uno, Lucky Lawrence and The Souvenirs, Billy Morgan and The Barnburners, Kevin Fox and Deuce Coupe, Stephanie Daulong, Adam McKinniss, Knut Bell, The Swains, West Valley Highway, Marshall Scott Warner, Johnny and The Blades, and many more.

Check out my music page for recording samples.

You got an emergency, need someone to play on your record, or go on a tour, contact me! I’d love to help.