Jorge Harada (photo:
Jorge Harada (photo:


I ASK myself frequently. But without the benefits of psychotherapy, I only know what’s in the conscious side. My name is Jorge Harada, and I play guitar. Nice to meetcha.

Been playing the guitar for over 30 years . My first “professional” show was at a Battle Of The Bands in Anaheim, at the age of 16. Spent most of the 80s slugging it out in the Los Angeles underground music scene, was overseas for a few years, and upon returning in the 90s, music had radically changed with the dawn of grunge. Instead of looking forwards, I chose to look backwards. From punk, worked all the way back to rockabilly and classic country. Eventually, all these sounds and tones from rockabilly and CW to punk, roots rock, tex-mex, surf, traditional mexican music, delta blues, and more started blending together to create my own voice.

Cumulatively speaking, I’ve amassed over a quarter million miles of touring across North America, Europe, and Australia. I’ve got a few records under my belt, and have performed on a few others. I feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to play music as there’s always more to learn, and more to share. I’ve made many lifelong friends in this industry and have had the opportunity to work for, collaborate with, and learn from very talented people.

Well, that about wraps it up for now. If you happen to find yourself in Austin, TX, Brooklyn NY or anywhere else where I might be playing, feel free to check out my calendar and come down to a show, or I’ll see you at a town near you!

Thank you for reading,

Jorge Harada
Brooklyn, NY