“What an honor it is to jam with Jorge Harada! Professional, prepared, dependable and a nice guy, too!” – Jimmy Haddox, Jimmy and The Mustangs, Austin TX

“Whether preparing for a show, performing it, or breaking down, Jorge Harada is the perfect sideman. As an international artist I need my backing band to be prepared and professional: and Jorge is the consummate artist, giving everything he has to ensure the song, the show and the artist look and sound at their best. As a guitarist, performer and Musical Director, his professionalism allowed me to just front the band, and sell the song. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.” – Chuck Stokes, Chuck’s Wagon, Sydney NSW Australia

“Jorge Harada is a pleasure to work with. An Austin musician with a professional vibe. I’m honored to work with him and highly recommend him as an addition to any type of musical project. He performed with my band as a lead guitar player and most recently graced with his awesome strumming when he joined us on acoustic rhythm guitar for a live recording. We will always ask him back!” – Amanda Cevallos & Lonesome Trail, Austin TX

“I’ve been mighty proud to get to share a stage with Jorge Harada, and not just for his hot guitar picking, but also his enthusiasm and high level of professionalism.  There are two things you can always count on with Jorge — a smile on his face and fire at his fingertips!” – Teri Joyce, Austin Singer’s Songwriter, Austin TX

“I have worked with Jorge Harada on several albums. I find him to be great fun, and a very talented guitarist/musician, has good ideas and is willing to take direction. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.” – Conrad Uno (Producer, Popllama Products, Egg Studios), Seattle, WA

“Jorge is one of the most energetic and compelling guitar players that I have ever worked work with.  A consummate professional, Jorge’s musical instincts guarantee anyone collaborating with him a satisfying and productive experience.  I have been fortunate to work with him on several projects over the course of two decades and there is no one that I enjoy working with more.  I highly recommend Jorge to anyone seeking an accomplished guitarist with a unique creative perspective” Jon Carroll, drummer (Lithium 7, The Enablers, Kill Osker), Lansing, MI/Dayton, OH

“Jorge harada worked for me as a utility guitar player at the Mirande Country Music Festival in France (2009), and i found him to be a hard working conscientious honky tonk-rockabilly guitar player with loads of stage presence…a real team player. I’d share a stage with him any day”. — Rick Broussard, Two Hoots and A Holler, Austin, TX

“Jorge and his band Dragstrip 77 recorded two highly acclaimed albums for my label Rollin’ Rock Records. I addition to that– still on Rollin’ Rock–  Jorge played guitar for such Texas Rockabilly Legends as ALVIS WAYNE, MACK STEVENS, etc. Mr. Harada is a very versatile guitarist who is equally at ease with traditional acoustic Country and Blues Music, as well as with more hard edged electric rockabilly and even punkabilly. Because of this acumen we call him “Lupus” (meaning “wolf”). In spite of this talent, Jorge Harada remains a very easygoing and friendly cat, certain to please any producer or band leader” – Rockin’ Ronny Weiser, Rollin’ Rock Records, Las Vegas NV

“In my 30 plus years in the music business I have never had the pleasure of playing with a more professional dedicated and talented musician that Jorge Harada.  No, he didn’t pay me for this testimonial.  Jorge is a class act”. – Pete Smith, bassist, Everett WA

“We found ourselves in the very unfortunate position of having a founding member depart suddenly, and at the same time having several high paying gigs on the books which we were committed to. These were private events with high expectations, and long set lists. We knew just who to call. Jorge stepped in and very methodically, studiously and professionally learned every song and exceeded our expectations. He was a professional in every way: great gear, great playing, always on time, and a great attitude to boot. He was just what we needed to get through some tough gigs and save our bacon. We can’t say enough good things about this guy” – Mo, West Valley Highway, Seattle WA

“Quit f******* around.  Hire Jorge. Jorge’s an old-school, no BS guitar slinger.  He can do it all.  Then you can turn it on it’s head and he can do that too.  And his hair is perfect” – Robert Banta, The Original Mexican Bob, Austin TX

“I have found Jorge to be the most professional musician I’ve ever encountered. From his ethics-to-live-by protocol in the studio or onstage to the way he always shows up incredibly prepared, his sense of humor in any situation, surprising lack of ego for a guitar player (!) and can-do attitude, Jorge is a joy to work with anywhere- in the studio,  onstage, or on the road”. – Ruby Dee, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers, Austin TX

“I have had the pleasure to play music with Jorge for the most part of 7 years.  He is a complete package of musical abilities, professionalism, style and personality.  He can play as much or as little and need be and it’s always so well placed.”  ~Liz Herrin, guitarist THE PURRS, Seattle WA