Credited Session Work:

  • Jolie and The Jackalopes – FIRST TIME AGAIN (Electric and acoustic guitars), 2020
  • “Bad Tattoo” – The Condors (3 ITEM COMBO, Vital Gesture 2012), Guitar Solo
  • “Chicken Gizzards and Ice Cold Beer”, “Leave Me Alone”, “Felina” – Knut Bell and The Blue Collars (HONKAHILLAROCKABILLY, Marlingspike 2004), Electric Guitar
  • “Shame Shame Shame” – Alvis Wayne (PROUD OF MY ROCKABILLY ROOTS, Rollin’ Rock, 2001), Electric Guitar
  • “Stay Psycho” – Sam And The Butchers (IT CAME FROM HELL VOL.3, Crazy Love, 2000) Producer, Engineer
  • “I Want You All The Time” – Alvis Wayne (ROCKABILLY DADDY, Rollin’ Rock 2000), Electric Guitar
  • “Gamble My Life Away” – Rip Carson And The Twilight Trio (RIP CARSON AND THE TWILIGHT TRIO, Rollin’ Rock, 1999), Acoustic Guitar
  • “I’ll Die Alone” – Mack Stevens (HARDCORE TEXAS CAT MUSIC, Rollin’ Rock 1999), Electric Guitar