Cover:Sin City Hotrods

The one that started it all. “Sin City Hotrods” was the first release by DRAGSTRIP 77 and includes Andy Lopez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jorge Harada on lead guitar, Roger Casanova on upright bass, and Jon Carroll and Lucky Noreen on drums. Recorded in 1999 in Las Vegas Nevada “Home of the Wildest West Possible” by Rockin’ Ronny Weiser and Released on Dionysus Records. Recording credit: Electric Guitars, co-producer with Rockin’ Ronny Weiser and DRAGSTRIP 77

  • 1Daisy Dukes
  • 2Haunted
  • 3Marylou
  • 4Dark Highway
  • 5Memphis
  • 6Sin City Hotrods
  • 7Catchain
  • 8Relentless
  • 9Bad News Blues
  • 10My Name Is Nobody
  • 11Lonely Hotel Room