Cover:Five For The Road

“Honeyfied Honky Tonk- a little rockabilly, a whole lotta twang. Sweet and raucus all at once. We’ll have you cryin’ in yer beer or dancin a two step, maybe at the same time”. First Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers EP, released in Seattle WA in 2003. Featuring Ruby Dee, Jorge Harada, Pete Smith, Tim Rummerfield, and Allen Terhune on pedal steel guitar, this 5-song EP showcases the alt-country stylings of the band at the time. Recorded by Dave Patterson, produced by Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers. Available through CD Baby Now

  • 103:53So Long
  • 204:38Just One Day
  • 303:52Now I Want You (Out Of My Head)
  • 404:29Tell Me Why
  • 504:32Walkin' Lie